Markus Roedl or Rodl or Whatever's Response to Missy's Statement

Markus Roedl or Rodl or Whatever's Response to Missy's Statement

From Traitor Markus Roedl:

Final message from the forner “Sentinel” of Shining (in effect meaning 24/7 odd-job man for Kvarforth, sound engineer, sweeper, production-, show- and tour nanny since late 2018 when former organization staff left for good):

Due to the many rumours and circumstances concerning present and past events and communications from Niklas Kvarforth through personal channels or the name “Shining” there is an obvious need for clarification – both for the Sentinel himself (which hereby will no longer be of service to the organisation) as well as a team of aggrieved people (bandmembers plus assorted internal and external partners).

This is not to be seen as slander but rather a clarification of what is actually true.

A “real band” called "Shining" has probably never existed. It is a one-man-show with more or less “hired” individuals - whom you all know are referred to publicly as “tools” in a “toolbox”. A very few may have been "members" (either by perception or by actual choice) but all these individuals also have been referred to as “tools” – either by choice or not.

Now there is no longer even a "Niklas Kvarforth's Shining", as recent statements from "Kvarforth's Instagram Pre-Sales Pages" suggest (probably for further profit to as evident in the past to most or not, disappear in Kvarforth's pockets only).

Over the last few years and currently, several of these "tools" (former and current band members, business partners and employees) have left Kvarforth's so-called "toolbox" by own accord. Some have left ruined and in silent anger. Some who will leave or have left already may or may not go public with the actual situation - that is their choice, but they are indeed equipped with a lot of evidence if they choose to do so. Only a few members – contrary to what is being communicated in interviews etc have been fired. This is/was all for individual reasons - some are already well-known and some have been obvious.

Maybe those affected come forward themselves and explain their position. We won't expect this but we won't cut them off, also we won't force anyone of them to do so.

The following corrections are publicised so that every follower can form an own opinion and/or can act accordingly.



The appearance in question at the Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2023 had to be canceled.

One of the actual main reasons is because Barker is seriously ill and we wouldn't wanna perform without a single member of the current lineup. Against all expectations Barker's condition got worse and it is difficult to predict whether and to which extent he will be able to perform in the future. The second main reason is the lineup rumours which evidently surfaced last months due to arguments between the organizational team and Kvarforth.

However, it is incorrect that Kvarforth is ill or undergoing any therapeutic treatment.

In fact, Kvarforth is faced with several problems of his own making as well as a probation still ongoing, which makes it impossible for him to travel or meet certain people. What makes this even more difficult is that there is no one available to support him in the event of a "panic attack" anymore, as was the case in early 2018 and while/after touring in 2019 – and this is due to the way individuals in or out of the organization are basically being treated.

Kvarforth's alleged and unprovable health condition was the reason for nearly all cancellations in the recent past.

It is also one of several false claims in the "Chaoszine" video interview (see: 1 m 21 s) made by Kvarforth that [original statement]: "...the person we used to work with did not inform the band at all...". In fact and demonstrably, the date was already fixed with all current members on September 26th, 2022.




Shining Legions EU and Shining Legions US are not doing well. They don't even perform anymore: Orders placed are not processed, customer service doesn't respond or responds inappropriate or ineffective, items are not shipped and/or products are not being properly produced. Many customers to Legions can testify to this -and have also done so. The band's organization (up until now) have had to deal and fix all these merch issues which recent staff at "Legions" has caused.

“The Sinister Initiative” – the production label for Shining, etc) in its original form no longer exists as of February 2022, right after the Sentinel, Deinonychous and SRD have left the sinking ship due to Kvarforth's poor business skills and performance.

Due to all this, we strongly feel obliged to provide some well-intentioned advice:

a) Don't order anything from "Shining Legions" (EU/US and Worlwide) or "TSI-The Sinister Initiative" anymore.

b) If an order has been placed in their webshops already, open a case at the latest when the fake deadline or release date has expired or before the cancellation period for the distance selling transactions valid in your country expires.

c) Don't trust any pre-sales or "customerservice"-promises anymore.

d) If you want to receive the items you have ordered, order for example from Napalm Records, Hate Couture or a comparable authorized platform dealing Shining merch with a valid imprint, customer service and tax number.

Responsible management to date:

"Shining Legions US" - Christine Bishop & Niklas Kvarforth

"Shining Legions EU": Niklas Kvarforth and Tuomas Tahvanainen

"Shining Legions Worldwide": Niklas Kvarforth & Christine Bishop

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