Trigger Warning: Pedophilia 


This is Missy, my statement is my own and not necessarily the opinions of anyone else in Legions or in Shining or associated with Shining. 


To the “Sentinel of Shining”, I have waited days to get on a recorded face time call with you to show everyone how it’s going for us with your ongoing efforts to destroy Shining… but as I knew you would, you said no. So I will write this statement to you instead in regards to your last statement. I doubt that you will ever agree to a video conference call with me because you know I’m going to be telling the whole truth while you have too much to hide. 


Firstly, yes I agree, you are a total tool, but I would disagree with you on the fact that Shining is “not a real band”. It is in fact a real band, what is not a real band member however, is yourself… and that makes you feel very bad, as we all can see.


I would like to ask you something Markus. Do you feel good about yourself using our band’s platform with an entire page available, to use it the way you did? To complain about not getting enough attention, then proceeding to flat out make outright lies about Niklas again, and then wrapping up your gem of a band statement with “don’t buy the merchandise”… Was that good for you? 


Oh, and by the way, nice “burn” on calling me by my birth name, yes it is very Christian, I’m sorry that I wasn’t born as black metal as you. I mean you are currently legit attempting murder of a living band, with your hardcore violent sharing of screen shots for a year straight to all of us and the rest of the band members, and causing problems for the merchandise departments. 


Well, the screen shot assassin, the Snitch of Shining, has also found fellow human beings who do not like Niklas or the band and have created like what I would call an Anti-Shining vigilante group; which of course serves out Markus justice to any and all connected to the evil that is Shining. 


Now, why go through all this trouble, when you could make your own project? Oh right, because the black metal justice league is a 24 hour job for you and your team mates, you all harassed the ever living fuck out of me every single fucking day for over a year until I almost had a mental breakdown that killed me. I got super suicidal working for Shining this year, because of all the problems you created for us with your attempts to destroy Shining and your team members’ absolute dumb-fuckery. I honestly, honestly wanted to get you on a call today and just ask you from the bottom of my heart, “what in the fuck? Like really, WHAT IN THE FUCK?!” 


It’s like you are in some sort of secret competition to surpass Niklas in insanity so that you can take his place, or like what is this… I want to know what would possibly possess a person to do all that you do and not stop and question your life choice of “I will destroy Shining” and take it to this extent that there’s not really any going back for you, because it has escalated into something that you can no longer handle. But we’ll get into that in a bit, there’s much more fuckery left to expose because I can’t deal with this anymore until I take care of the problem that is you, Roedl, you fucking loser piece of shit, who honestly, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I resent the most as a person in this entire world. Your dedication to your crazy town work is quite remarkable, I will give you that. 


You and your black metal guardian angels of the scary streets of Shining, these “Russian hackers” from Kill Net or whatever, and your old time internet police buddies (which I am still not certain is real and I think is just you pretending to be them) send Niklas and I death threats 50 times a day through email, social media, posting of us, and more, and this for years for Niklas until he snaps and then to continue onto myself until I snap. So we got us some good Markus justice because it really does add up over the years. 


The Russian hackers like to dig very deep into their research on us. For example, interviewing some old friends of mine from high school that I guess they found off of my Facebook or something, and just gathering massive records on us. I heard you guys were up to 70,000 screen shots by now. Markus is an expert at spreading screen shots around to piss everyone off at each other and create unfun moments for all of us that receive them. He likes to then threaten to show shit that you have said in privacy, either to extort or just plain old make us miserable. Just like he did with me and Nicolas Barker, which he eventually did post….  this is his choice, rather than to get in touch with his inner adult and go to a therapist about his jealously about not being a band member that people ever cared about. 


I remember he used to send me all the voice recordings of Niklas saying shit about me to me to turn us against each other. Like it didn’t work a year ago, so why the fuck would it work a year later? I gotta say, every single time, I was like “well, its Niklas, Niklas says stuff, that’s who Niklas is… so who the fuck cares”. I gave zero fucks, and in fact I was more annoyed at the privacy of Nik being shared without his consent to me. If you are shocked that Niklas says stuff, then Niklas is not someone to hang out with. Roedl never succeeded in turning me against Niklas, and while he thought he was collecting valuable screenshots against me to take me down, I was feeding them to him the entire time…


As you now see Roedl, what you were trying to do to me, I was doing to you from day 1, because I felt something was strange with you from day 1.


Just when I thought things couldn’t be any fucking stupider, annoying, and playing with fire because you had Niklas starting to get fucking pissed… you do your next big trick which.. I must admit… was actually pretty fucking original, and pretty fucking strange, even by Shining standards. 


So for those of you who don’t know who Markus Roedl is, he’s an ex Shining member and for years has been the self proclaimed band’s lawyer. 


Yes, the so called “Sentinel of Shining”, the mastermind behind this merry band of fuckwits who went on a witch hunt after Niklas, was this man all along.


Markus, I just read your statement and it made me sick, I know you’re a snitch and a traitor, but what you did just there was inexcusable…  where do you get off tainting the band’s social media like this with your public displays of failure to be nothing but a fucking problem that has the balls to say “don’t buy our T-Shirts man, they suck now”, really? REALLY? Who the fuck do you think you are you stupid motherfucker. I’m going to tell everyone why Legions has problems and how you orchestrated the many problems for our merch stores in your efforts to murder Shining. 


Your anti Legions post is bullshit anyway because you’re the one responsible for the beginning of the Legions’ series of difficulties.


You and Hedi Haas fucked us up the week I arrived to the Euro office and Niklas and I had to like the wolf from Pulp Fiction style, hold that shit together because you annihilated it. Back then I just thought you were sloppy and didn’t know what you were doing, and just a crappy lawyer, but now I see that in those days you were already on the Shining destruction path, but you were still pretending to be our friend. However, what threw me off was the timing that things went bad, and when things went bad, you were either there or had very detailed knowledge of the problems, to a level that I would say was suspect for sure… The week I got there was the week you two, like dominos set off all the problems you had set up which would have ended most other operations, but this is Shining, and the people who care about it are as dedicated to it as those who want to destroy it. 


You do this thing that I call “the Markus” which is fuck shit up and then point it out to make the band look bad, but all you do is make yourself look bad. It’s like this backfire of destruction that you do way too often for it to be funny anymore. 

On your stupid statement, you went ahead and did a Markus and exposed yourself as yet again one of the biggest reasons why Legions’ businesses goes through difficulties, by going ahead and doing that very thing at the end there, right within your conclusion of your basically just “fuck you Shining” statement, you go ahead and you fuck up Legions again. As usual, I’m going to have to fucking fix it with Niklas, because you then run off to go celebrate that you went ahead and successfully disappointed another round of fans who purchased merch, by probably slowing down production a bit with your anti-Legions post there. Then after you Markus yourself, you don’t realize it so you pretend as usual to be the good guy to save us from the bad Shining. Yes, totally classy move, made yourself look like a pretty decent guy right there by helping our fans with your advice. I’m sure we can all trust everything that you say from now on forever, because you’re always looking out for the others, spreading goodness everywhere you go, the black metal saint Michael against Shining… The evil band with the singer who has hurt people’s feelings by according to the Shining neighborhood crime watchers’ reports; giving them death threats, or harassing them, or stealing money from them, or the worst crime of all, not letting you have enough attention in the band. Your problems you created did a big number on Niklas’ mental health too, very stand up guy. 


Anyway, here’s a tip Markus: when you make public statements, don’t tell lies. That’s a really dumb thing to do usually. Manipulating people who want to harm you to, let’s say, gain information, or in-self defense, or pre-emptive strike, etc. etc. or whatever in private chats are one thing, but coming out here on our band’s platforms and publically writing your false-statements is pretty fucking disgraceful in my opinion and disrespectful to the fans. Your writings are your opinions, sloppy half-truths, randomly (and often not even necessary to your point) made up claims, assumptions, and your classic Markus full on down right absolute 100% lies. For someone who wants to look good, it’s just not a good system. 


Anyone who supports your harm Niklas mission is just as fucked up as you are… and most importantly is fucking all of the fans. But remember, in the total destruction plan, even the fans deserve to be lied to and fucked with because they too are connected to your mortal enemy, the ex who won’t take you back, so they must be also destroyed. Markus… please get help. 


Markus, I know we’ve been fake friends using each other for a very long time now, but I gotta tell you, what you’re doing here, this isn’t going to continue because you played with a bit too much fire, and I patiently waited for you to do that. But before I tell you how things are going to be, I want to ask you, where is your honor? I get you lost your sanity, but you know very well when you are doing bad things, I see you try to cover them up, you’re not here for a single person’s benefit but your own. A large reason why Niklas had to go to the hospital was because you triggered his newly diagnosed PTSD with your fucking bullshit. You made me so suicidal, that I was afraid for myself at one point in time, I care deeply about my work and for the cause and for Niklas and everyone at Legions, and the stress of you not allowing me to do my very best, had me kind of feeling really hopeless fairly recently. Honestly, I truly wish you had died a year ago and I had been able to do my work without you around, I really do mean that. What you all don’t know, is that from day 1 that I realized Markus was the enemy and wanted to destroy the thing and the person I care about the most in the world, I formulated my destroy Markus plan. It’s been in motion since the very beginning. SURPRISE! Now, let me help you destroy yourself in a series of steps that are going to make you suffer every bit of bullshit I suffered because of you. The world isn’t big enough for the two of us, and so therefore one or both of us must be destroyed, and you have started something that now is going to backfire on you and you will not be able to stop it. Frankly, you have harmed me to a point where I have lost a lot because of you, and for the simple and only fact of being a person who worked with Shining and supported Kvarforth’s side. You took from me, so I’m going to take from you, and I’m going to keep taking, and taking until there’s nothing left. Then you can feel how I feel. 


You put in so much time and effort into your Shining destruction plan and you fucked it up so royally like I knew you would because I helped you to destroy yourself. I urged you to Markus yourself on a daily basis. Now I am going to serve the justice back to you, for all of the unforgivable shit you have pulled and tried to pull, and all the fucking pain you have caused all of us at the Shining camp. 


I don’t make public statements with lies in them personally. Believe what you will about me, it’s really not my problem what people think of me. Unlike Markus here, I don’t care what people think about me other than like 2 or 3 people. I knew it would happen and I took the heat for it and I let Markus fuck around with those few people that I care about and cause doubts inside of them.


When you left and I came into the Euro division of the merch department, I saw you had left it in a complete disarray. You let that happen under your watch, and now you blame me, Niklas, and Tuomas. Well I will carefully explain how you are a complete fraud.


Hey I guess it’s easy to criticize other people’s performances, especially after you hand them shit you’ve neglected. But I guess it was too hard for you to make your own merch store, because I don’t see one. if Legions disappoints you so much and you’re so broke that you have to extort me for money, go do it then. Hey don’t get me wrong, I love Hate Couture and we do collabs, but maybe you should fix the Legions problems that you are responsible for if its SUCH an extreme problem for you to exist as it does. Or you could go check some options out and give any one of us at Legions what you scope out that could help us, find us some new interns or something. Oh wait, I know why, because you don’t give a single fuck about the fans and the fucking merchandise operations, you care about it BEING BAD, BECAUSE ITS MORE EVIL SHINING PROPAGANDA FOR YOU TO SCAPEGOAT.


Firstly, you have no fucking idea who gets paid what in the merch departments right now, you haven’t seen our books because I won’t fucking show them to you even though you ask. So all you can say is “the money goes in Kvarforth’s pockets”. You don’t even know the other members of Legions who work for us and get paid. You don’t even know their names do you? 


You just want to claim that Niklas harmed you and you want retribution… Seriously, I need to ask again, who the fuck do you think you are? You’re not fucking Amber Heard, so shut the fuck up. What you are is a crazy person who has created messes that took me and a couple of others quite a long time to clean up.  


You are the band “lawyer” who is now extorting me and the band for money for over a year.


This… in all of my years of working merchandise, is the most outrageous thing I have ever witnessed…


Our fascinating Mr. Roedl tells me that I must pay him for his lawyer services rendered for the band. But rather than send me an itemized invoice so I can have a look at what we’re dealing with here, like any sane and normal person who can function at being alive, he does this… 


I am told by Mr. BAND LAWYER and overall caretaker of the band that I am to pay him a sum of cash that he has decided is an appropriate amount for his work done, via a series of payments  through the friends and family option on paypal, and if I don’t pay him, he will fuck me up. 


That’s right ladies and gentlemen, our lawyer’s preferred method of payment is extortion. I was told there would be no explanation about the amount, so fuck your itemized invoice and just hand over the cash to his lady’s paypal or he would make public secrets of me and Kvarforth, he would fuck our businesses up, and he would put us in jail as the grand finale if we didn’t fork over the extortion money. 


This was an extreme source of chaos and stress for us, especially after having just been robbed by Hedi Haas of our Shining company account in its entirety.


It all happened at once upon my arrival from working solely on Legions USA overseas to moving to Europe to work on Legions there too.


Back then I just imagined having to make that phone call where I have to ask for a lawyer to protect me from my lawyer. Yeah… if you can imagine.


Yes… it is the dumbest shit that has ever occurred so far in Shining history, probably.


I told him that this is going to kill our businesses as Niklas and I were putting down our own personal money in the company account so Legions customers could get their orders sent to them after the account was robbed blind of thousands upon thousands. Of course, not even a penny was chipped in by the biggest complainer of Legions worldwide, instead he offered me a payment plan for our extortion, and I sent money eventually because I was getting anxiety and paranoia that someone this fucked up could very well potentially pin some crime on me or make false statements and do what he does best; be the worst person ever.


He scared me to the point where I was panicked, he held over our heads the fact that both Kvarforth and myself were on probation for attempted murder and it would be disastrous for either of us should anything like that happen. Markus is such a liar and a fraudster, he was committing crimes to harm us. I really developed an overwhelming amount of dread knowing that he was willing to do pretty much anything to take us out. 


And then things take a turn for the stranger. It turns out that Mr. Markus Roedl, is not even a lawyer at all, he was a pretend lawyer all of these years. He even lied about that from the very beginning.


Look at his statement, he can’t even write a full section without lying. There he is lying about why probation prevents Kvarforth from traveling and that is a reason for the cancelling of “Eindhoven”. That’s not “Markus doesn’t know what he’s saying”, that’s “Markus knows and is lying” because he and I just discussed a couple of months ago the airplane fees for when Niklas and I flew from Finland to Sweden earlier in the year. There it is, another classic Markus, trying to make Niklas look bad but just makes himself look like the rat that he is. 


This is not a creative writing assignment Markus, it is our official band statements, and if you’re not going to take them seriously, you might as well make it your final message for real. Maybe if there is a reply to this one, I’d prefer one from the “Russian hackers”. 


A particular Russian Hacker, who also has a phobia of invoices apparently because he refuses to give me any paperwork for money we should give back to people that Niklas allegedly stole from, much like our band lawyer, prefers extorting money that is rightfully owed to him and his mystery friends. 


At this point, I’m already thinking Markus has some sort of dementia because all of this is just too much, but it get’s worse.




Markus, you were in Germany and you DM’d and emailed us and when you got to be too much, we turned our phones off. Don’t act like you know how Niklas was doing mentally and emotionally. What are you a psychic and a doctor?  I was THERE IN PERSON with Niklas the entire time witnessing Niklas go into a rapid decline from the day you betrayed him and then until there was no other choice than to check into the hospital for his newly diagnosed PTSD amongst his other illnesses. Which, by the way you succeeded well in triggering his PTSD, which I know you did on purpose. I attribute a large reason of his hospitalization on you and your Kill Milk characters. Niklas personally told me that you were one of his best friends and he was really hurt about your betrayal. The look on his face as he said it was was heart breaking to me.


So I foolishly spent the first few weeks talking to you just to try to get you two to become friends again. Niklas was certainly open to it, and unbelievably it was YOU who was the difficult and crazy one in this situation and not Niklas. 


It didn’t take me long to figure out it was actually because you had decided a long time earlier to stop being his friend and take your time with a planned out series of attacks against Kvarforth, Shining and the Legions members and the fans from getting their merch.


You see, all the while I was silently wondering in those early days, how strange the timing was of the Shining company bank account theft and the simultaneous quitting of a Shining employee last year… the very week I moved to Europe to begin working in the European office. This chick bailed with the money and I’m just there like watching everything burn down while you fanned the flames with your relentless shenanigans behind closed doors and all the while promising to fix the situation for all of us… to offer your pretend lawyer skills help for us.


I just want to know one thing about that event. How did you know exactly how much money she stole and why did you vehemently deny any sort of suggestion I had that perhaps she had taken some more in the past? Not suggesting anything here, totally a legitimate question that still bugs me. 


I do know this though, when she left, I asked you to show me any and all contracts she had signed when becoming an employee at Shining. You said “we don’t have any”. Then you still demand your lawyer fees? I’m not a lawyer and I have always made contracts for everyone I’ve worked with in the past. 


As you left you began the scapegoating of “Messy Missy and Tricky Nicky” as you wrote in your email threats. 


But please go ahead and write about how much Legions sucks at merch. In my professional opinion it was the work of 5 people at least, and Niklas and I kept it alive until we hired more people, while I sat there thinking why was there no company safety nets? Again, that’s just me being a lawyer for the merch department, we have these things now, because just how you whined in your statement about having to do everything? Well, I know the feeling after you bailed on us at the worst possible time and then moved your war from phase secret to open at that very time. 


Then what happens? Niklas is rapidly becoming unwell because of the bomb that just hit us, and the Russian hackers must also be psychic doctors because they increased their death threats.


You pretended to help out with your online police friends to find the hackers, when you were all in cahoots all along. You sir, are the one who is going to go to jail. 


The hackers are the same as you. NO INVOICE FOR YOU, JUST FUCKING PAY MYSTERY MONEY OR BE MURDERED BY US. The amounts change as the months go by. More problems hit Legions and Shining. What a surprise.


My decision was that one of us on the pro Shining team should join your side and then take it down from the inside out. And you all gladly took me in on the surface, but what you really wanted was a scapegoat. That’s how I viewed it back then and that’s how I view it now. I spent hours daily agreeing with your statements about how Kvarforth is a major problem and all these issues were happening in Legions to gain your trust and get your intel, but I was struggling to manage everything while your friendly chats turned into threats against me eventually, with jail time and asking me for money, and the hackers threatening to murder me, and with Niklas sick with the PTSD you aggravated with your hostile mission. 


“You know, Niklas stole your money Missy”, “OK Markus, sure looks like he did.” 


Well guess what genius, in any court of law or any public place I will say the truth: Niklas never stole a dime from me. Have fun screenshot assassin. 


I let you collect all the extortion material from me, I answered hours of questions how you all wanted them answered, let you guys scapegoat me as another problem that doesn’t do her work well, and on top of it is disloyal and a shit talker of the band, let you have your screenshots where I’m a backstabbing betrayer of the band, and get me to admit that I believe Niklas stole from me. While the money you wanted from us grew as you collected more screenshots. You guys do know I am replaceable and Shining can go on without me right? 


Can you believe I did this for a whole fucking year, seriously FUCK ALL OF YOU GUYS. 


Here’s what you didn’t know; that I was doing the same things to all of you. Collecting material, but the difference here was that I was not the one leading the questionings, I was not the one using the evidence you created against yourselves for extortion, but to out you all like I am doing right now, in this very moment. 


So give yourselves a pat on the back for all of your hard work in obtaining illegally gained screen shots of hearsay that you want to use as some sort of proof of Kvarforth’s wrong doings, but only show you guys throwing down murder threats and extorting us and committing crimes and gathering the info I need to show that it was you all along that was doing this to us.

All the while you were delighting in how easily I was stepping into the role of the scapegoat and holding space for as much trouble as you wanted to create. Did you think I was that stupid?


Here’s the major flaw in your plan of making me the scapegoat and pretending I was the “inner rot” that was gonna help take the ship down… YOU CHOSE ME.


Don’t choose someone who has “Hail Satan” tattooed on their forehead to be that person. Obviously, I have nothing to lose. So now worldwide, I have people on the anti-Kvarforth camp who hate me and people in the pro-kvarforth camp who hate me. 


And I don’t give a fuck. I stand by what I did and the results are now finally here. You can make an entire library of all the screenshots of me saying anything you want. I don’t give a single fuck what anyone’s opinion is of me and the endless supply of my bullshit you’ve recorded.


Go ahead and incriminate yourselves by spreading material that you gained illegally, through intimidation, coercion, extortion, black mail, death threats, stalking, hacking personal information and using it as leverage. 


And just like that, I took one for the fucking team and now the tables turn. Everything you accused Kvarforth and sometimes me of, which you used to justify your attacks on us, I LET YOU DO TO ME. Congratulations!


You whined and cried that he stole money from people, he threatened to kill people, he bullied people, well now both ya’ll and I have all the proof of you doing to me and doing it to Niklas. 


Seriously, congratulations you stupid clowns.


The only theft I have ever seen in the time working for Kvarforth has been from YOU people and from Haas. I have never witnessed Kvarforth steal personally. 


In your statement you also mention taxes. I guess you were too lazy to do your research, and you just assumed looking at me that you could throw in “bad taxes”. But let me tell you something, Shining Legions USA is completely owned by me and I pay my taxes. We have a valid tax number, yes valid, unlike your statements on the matter. 

I have owned several companies throughout the years and I have never received a single audit. So if you mention taxes again and try to slander my companies, your German tax bureau would be shocked if they saw how you like to collect your income… Like a fucking idiot, like the world’s most fucked up criminal pretend lawyer clown. For fuck’s sake, I even took accounting classes just so that I could micromanage my taxes throughout the years with my accountants. So don’t even go there Roedl. 


You mention that a lot of the profit goes into Kvarforth’s pockets, and you insinuate that many disgruntled members leave due to this. Firstly, I think you should speak for yourself.

You may have been on team Shining years before me, but I can tell you I do the accounting and we pay our employees, only our interns are not paid in cash, but rather in free merchandise while they wait out their trial periods. 

You went ahead and rampaged our business partners too and cost us a lot of cash that slowed production down on some pre-orders, because you wanted to hurt Kvarforth so bad that you’d do it at anyone’s expense. 

Just like you victimized me just to hurt Kvarforth and Shining. 


It has been hard and at times devastating, and there are always going to be people who distrust me now or think my statements are lies, I have been receiving a lot of heat from my own people on this one, but fuck it, someone had to end this shit once and for all. I stand by what I did and I did not enjoy a year of constant communication with all of you, every single conversation gave me cancer and I will always hate you all for it. I state that I did my best with the best intentions and did what I thought was the correct way to handle my job. 


From today on, all letters and statements should they be made, be made publically. None of you are to contact me privately as before, and should you do so, I will once again give you a taste of your own medicine.


Thank you Markus & co, for making Legions so difficult to operate while you declared a war on us and made the past year of my life a living hell that affected my work. I think you are the one who needs to apologize to the Legions customers. 


I am truly surprised that grown adults decided to handle their issues with Kvarforth in the dumbest, illegal, most unprofessional, possible way in existence. You should all be embarrassed of yourselves.


Here’s another good one you observed all the way from Germany; “it is incorrect that Kvarforth is ill or undergoing any therapeutic treatment”. Buddy, I wished you could’ve seen the shit that I saw. I lived alongside him, I worked in the office with him, we spent most of our time in the presence of one another. His mental illness caused great pain for himself and was even painful for me to watch him struggle with. He had to receive treatment for it, because it was abundantly clear to himself and those around him that he was not coping well with having to live with these conditions, which seem to worsen with time during your assaults of extortion. I personally accompanied him to clinics and pharmacies several times in the beginning for medication before the hospitalization as things just weren’t getting any better, and all of you clowns telling him that you were going to go murder him really raised his spirits during those times too. 


I was also having some great deepening of depression during this entire shit-fest and I just had days like, I didn’t even want to get up and face work. I didn’t want to look at my phone or open the computer… but I have loyalty and I care about who and what I work for, so I picked myself up and did those 7 hours of flirting (?) sexting or whatever in a day thing when Markus was in he mood, or whatever the fuck was the main topic of the day Markus wanted to talk with me about, sometimes the Russian Hacker wanted to drink all night and talk about Kvarforth or whatever the fuck, I’m not on break having a chill time with all of my personal enemies, I’m literally on the job because you don’t fuck around like that with Kvarforth or Shining and think you can get away with it. If it weren’t for Kvarforth to encourage me to get the courage to finally reveal that we will fear no more, I could’ve been doing a lot more time in the dungeon of the Markus plan, and I pulled through that shit, because you tried to take out something and someone I care about the most in this world. 


Do you know what it’s like when you have to work and at the same time chat all day with you? Several screens open, many are Legions and one for you, whether it be you boasting that you killed two people while on duty in the service, or being in the sexting mood with me and discussing me in the music video being naked and then suddenly dropping pics of you and your children and writing things like “don’t look where her hand is touching”. It was a dark year for me to have to do this. 


You fucked with my job because you made me be Jesus-Janitor of your endless bullshit with your angry mob of fucking idiots. After I am done with you and your partners in crime, I hope that you feel the stress and pain that I went through at your hands, and I hope that you feel suicidal like I did, and I hope that you go down as I continue to go after you with the truth.


I’m proud of my work at Legions, including my year of having to talk to all of you disgusting people who can’t just move on with their lives, and I’m proud of what was accomplished and that Legions still stands despite this vicious war against us and our companies, and I stand by Shining, Legions, and Kvarforth completely. The war is soon to be over, and we will make up for the problem orders to the customers. We had a Legions member hate crimed, and then we had a Legions member accidentally commit a hate crime, and then we had our boss in the asylum, and then we had me having to temporarily flee the country due to personal issues and all the usual stuff Legions deals with, but hands down the Markus war was the #1 most damaging to our sister companies this entire two years. But very soon all will be well. It’s going to be a pleasure to watch Markus do a signature Markus and finally destroy himself, his family, and everything he truly cares about, like he callously, knowingly, coldly, psychopathically tried to do to me.


If you try to destroy Shining, Shining will destroy you. 



The Scapegoat of Shining

Missy Fucking Hedning

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