I have received consent to post this message on the Dark Post, I receive many messages that are similar from people who have had problems with Roedl. This is a prime example.


Hello Missy \m/ Thank you for your message.

First I want to tell you that this guy messed up a lot in my personal life too. I wouldn't know where to start reporting everything because I could fill books. We have never met such an incredibly big liar in our lives. He is supposedly a doctor, judge, lawyer, police officer and much more. In reality, he is none of those things. I've known him for a long time and we've shared a circle of friends for a few years. This means that we always meet each other when there is a concert or something similar somewhere. But he hasn't been seen anywhere for a year. And there are reasons for that too. Because he avoids me and since I'm always everywhere, he withdraws. The reason is that I have uncovered a lot of lies of him and these lies are spreading among my friends. He even threatened women that if they said anything they wouldn't be able to show up anywhere again. But he can't threaten me. This weirdo. He has blocked countless people through his profiles. Also via the Shining profile!! Everywhere. And these are all people who can be dangerous to him and his story. These are simply removed everywhere and there is no longer any danger. He once said to me that I was welcome to try to get close to the band. To have a direct contact. I will fail because there is no way around him. No matter what I do, I will always come across him. And that's not just what happened to me, but to many people. He always kept the truth away because otherwise it could become a problem. I had made a deal with him. Shining at my festival. That was before I knew how hypocritical this asshole was. When he realized that I now knew everything he said and how lying he was, he tried using absolutely strange methods to overturn the deal. And do you know why? Because everyone at my festival knows him and he can never be seen there again. And he used the band to do it! Somehow he needed an idea on how to cancel the deal and he sent me what I thought were ominous screenshots of your chat. However, the screenshot looked very fake. But even if the screenshot is real, it will only have told you shit why the deal fell through. Sometimes I even think the band didn't know about it. Because why did he send me a picture of him as a band pic (due to announcement)? And not the whole band? Fake screenshots are his specialty and people fall for them all the time. He's just a pathological liar. Theoretically, he should have been lying underground for a year, since he is terminally ill and will die soon. That's shit! For a year now, I've been telling my story about this idiot at appropriate occasions. Because I know an incredible number of bands, agencies and organizers. And believe me: everyone has had negative experiences with this idiot. Not a single person has said a positive word about him. And more and more people are seeing through his huge construct of lies. He appeared on Tiamat's "Wild Honey." I can not laugh anymore. Haha He owns a house, which he left to my girlfriend after his death. He has nothing but a sick brain. I could fill books. He'll pull you out as a band anywhere if he thinks it might get too dangerous. Dangerous for him. For no one else. For fear that more will find out about his lies. I would like to try again to book Shining. Because in my opinion, you as a band can't be blamed for the misconduct of a Sentinel.

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